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    Question Getting Rid of Webmaster Tools - Bad Sign?

    I have had some interesting things happen with my big websites lately.

    One of these is an ecommerce website which has taken a hit recently. Funny the same thing happened last year about this time but this year it's a little more nerve racking with all the SEO changes and stuff.

    Anyway, back on point here...

    What do you think about getting rid of webmaster tools on a site. Google would see this happening, would that potentially hurt the site because it's almost like you're hiding something?
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    Our conclusion is...since it's not really helping...and there's a SMALL chance it could be harmful...lose it.

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    Jun 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    After reading a few of these posts about this and speaking to Sam (fellow Aussie) I purchased a product called Getclicky 2 days ago and it is awesome compared to webmaster tools and analytics. Highly recommend it and it solves the big brother looking over your shoulder issues. It is not expensive at all.

    cheers Toby

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    Thanks guys. Yeah I am a GetClicky subscriber too. I didn't use it because it's always been said on this forum, which I use to agree with, that Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are good for ecommerce sites.

    I use GetClicky for my other sites which are not ecommerce in nature. But now I guess I am thinking of taking it off the ecomm site though I am a little freaked because I don't want to take another hit.
    Getting addicted to success.

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    May 2009
    Thank for the tip Toby

    Ill check out getclicky.


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