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    Sep 2009

    Is there a way to be above the Shopping Results?

    Hey everyone - got a problem I am hoping someone else has overcome.

    One of the kw's I've been ranking for and been getting sales from has all of a sudden gotten Google Shopping Results as the first result... and then the organic listings show after that - which I am #1.

    I have seen a decline in traffic since this happened - am wondering if anyone has beat this -and how?

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Sep 2009
    Newcastle, UK

    Could you place your product in googles shopping system. Optimise it for this keyword and so take up both places in the rankings.

    I think the shopping option probably appears as a consquence of an algorithim that picks up the percentage of people who carry out a shopping search for this keyword. In a similar way to local searches for keywords pulling local searches into the main results.

    Therefore if you try and improve your CTR by improving the text on your listing in the SERPs you might get the shopping results below the required percentage. - This is probably pretty unlikely to work but worth a try.

    Otherwise I would guess that the placement of the shopping options was similar to the local places listings in the SERPs (although can't say for certain). - Stronger SEO can push you in front of them.


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