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    Jan 2010

    Store hosted at Host9

    Do you recommend it? How is it working for you? Also what bandwidth/storage limit should i setup?

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    Mar 2011
    Orlando, FL
    I have a store on H9. It seems to work ok, but speed is a big issue.

    I ran a couple of speed tests using http://loads.in/ & http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ and my site did not do well.

    Once I've done some sales, I will be moving it.

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    Personally I wouldn't use H9 for a store.

    Hostgator is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

    H9 is fine for LJ sites not money sites.

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    Apr 2010
    I had one store on Hostnine and one store on Hostgator. The store on Hostgator worked almost flawlessly. I had to contact support several times about my Hostnine store, though, because I kept encountering problems. (Mainly with features disappearing from the admin area, strings of code appearing on the website, etc.)


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