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    *****important announcement about rank bank*****

    Hey there! I have an important announcement from Steve about the status of Rank Bank...

    "Hey guys...

    Unfortunately, I have a bit of bad news. We've decided to delay the launch of RankBank until April 11th.

    We believe that RankBank has the potential to be the most important project we do for the rest of the year.
    Not so much for us personally, but for all of you.

    The ability to generate revenue for site owners and the ease of getting high quality links for link builders is
    simply unprecedented. As such, we need to make sure everything is 100% PERFECT before launching this to the public.

    We are SO close, but...I had to make the tough call this AM that we were just not 100%.

    Please be assured that this is our #1 priority right now...and we WILL make this new date - without fail.

    Thanks for your patience... I truly believe this will be WELL worth your wait."

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    Yeah, I thought as much - there are a few bugs

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    Please keep in mind, that what you're seeing online isn't what we're testing.

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    No problem with the delay from my viewpoint.

    I've been in IT for a long time and there is one universal truth about new products: with a fully functional product delivered late, all users remember is that it works well. With a partially functional product delivered on time, all users remember is that it doesn't work well - they don't care that it met a launch date.

    I'm glad Steve chooses quality and functionality over meeting a launch date. It's always the right decision.

    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on tight."

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