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    Question Blog critique wanted

    Hey fellow members,

    I have a blog that is currently getting about 50-100 visitors/day in the IM space. It does generate a handfull of opt-ins every now and then and an affiliate sale once in a while however not consistently as I would like it to.

    I'm writing this post to see if any of you guys are willing to take a quick look at it and perhaps critique on things that could improve traffic/conversions etc. Also, i'm looking for a new layout so if any of you know of a good theme that would fit my blog, please let me know which one.

    The blog is located here:

    All the best!


    Note: The purpose isn't to advertise the blog so if i'm breaking any rules by posting a link to it i'll have it removed asap.

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    I took a look and my first impression is that it is "wordy".

    Long looking paragraphs and no graphics.

    Try breaking it up a bit and put some product graphics in for the ones you're promoting.

    Would make it easier on the eye.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Much appreciated cheers mate!

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    I'm going to disagree on the wordiness aspect of it. To me, the immediate impression was that it was spammy. The text component was overshadowed by so much advertising. In light of the penalties that we've all enjoyed for too many ads above the fold, you may want to review those adverts and lay them out in a more tasteful and spaced out methodology.
    Secondary to this, the number of links to text is fairly outrageous. You've got like 40 links on the page.

    Your metas could stand a serious tweak and there are 5 or 6 images that have no alt tags and those need to be fixed.
    You're not really giving yourself the best edge so far as your on page seo so the off page, when you get there, will be less effective for you.

    The site is content light compared to everything else you have, could use a few images and most importantly, you're using content that hits on copsycape in about 80 places. Get some fresh stuff. You're not going to get the best effect using only dupe content ..Get some fresh, unique content and you'll move up// get more traffic nearly immediately.

    I hope none of that sounds harsh, but they are all considerations in and of themselves. In combination with other factors, they can be big restrictions on the amount of traffic that you obtain in search. Moreover, play to someone else besides Google. While I think that Google is the best free traffic, there are other sources that we all need to be considering and working to get.. One of the things that I think we should take away from Penguin, Panda and other things is that whole "don't put all your eggs in the Google basket" mentality which will serve us all pretty well moving forward.
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