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    New Tool to Check Links


    Jim Boykin recently released a free, but powerful tool, that can help you check on broken links, redirects, in addition to helping you generate a Google Sitemap.

    Being a free, web-based tool you might think it's a bit lightweight but you'd be wrong It can crawl up to 10,000 internal pages, up to 5 runs per day per user.

    In addition to the features mentioned above, the tool offers other helpful data points as well as the ability to export the data to CSV/Excel, HTML, and the ability to generate a Google XML Sitemap.

    The other data points available to you are:

    URL of the page spidered
    Link to an On-Page SEO report for that URL
    Link depth from the home page
    HTTP status code
    Internal links to the page (with the ability to get a report off the in-links themselves)
    External links on the page (a one-click report is available to see the outlinks)
    Overall size of the page with a link to the Google page speed tool (cool!)
    Link to their Image check tool (size, alt text, header check of the page)
    Rows for Title Tag, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords
    Canonical tag field

    For a description of how to use the tool, go to SEObook.com

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    Hey John,
    that's a great tool to find out where all the 301 and 302 links are, but I also found an image that I poached from a competitors site 2 years ago that is still linking to them, and now I can get rid of it


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