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    Should You Use Webmaster Tools?

    Is it really a good idea to sign up your websites to Webmaster Tools? Isn't that an easy way for Google to track on which sites you're doing SEO?

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    It's probably unjustified paranoia, but this thing(GWT) does seem like a kind of a "venus trap". "Let them come to us"...

    But it's (very) probably more on a higher scale rather than an individual one... More like, "let's detect patterns so we can use them to our advantage"... (improve SERP quality by a variety of measures, which includes fighting large-scale manipulation of their algorithm etc...)

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    I've always said...use GWT and GA on the non-affiliate sites...however. I'm kind of re-thinking now.

    I'm by no means convinced that Google is targeting GWT and GA users...BUT...unless I have a compelling reason to use either of them...I'll probably pass from now on.

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    This question is kind of relevant to this thread, so ill post it.

    And I probably know this, but its late, and im tired.......

    Is there a way to check what your URL ranks for KW-wise with any tools out there that are quick and dirty and free......?

    Is it a case of checking the analytics (see how I tied it in to the thread.....) to see what KW are driving free traffic to your site?


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    Yes, use GWT and G Analytics but for Adsense sites only. For anything else - don't use.

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    Okay, so since I don't have any Adsense sites the verdict is not to use GWT or GA. Thanks for the feedback.

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    So is the verdict not to use GA and GWT and if that is correct, I need to take them off my current ecomm sites?
    "Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest places if you look at it right"

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    I think the bottom line is we don't really know what info Google derives from GWT and GA. They may use it to detect seo strategies or whatever but we don't know. So I think Steve referred to this when he said that from now on he will not use it until there is a compelling reason to start (or continue for that matter) using the G tools. You can choose to stop using them, but we don't know for sure that G will use date that they may collect throught GWT and GA so you do not have to stop..

    In the other hand, why be so suspicious?!
    Who cares if Google finds out we "help" them to raise to the top of the rankings with our (eCommerce)site
    and help them deliver the searcher of a "good breast pump" with a site that sells the best breast pumps out there?

    sight.. can we not get someone from us infiltrated in Google corp to find stuff out for us?
    Maybe we can all pay the premium to support this "bounty hunter"


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