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    Python Cart Download No Longer Works

    So I am creating a Blueprint Black Store and go to download the Python Cart software, and lo and behold, the link no longer works. Instead you get taken to Dave's stupid Zulu cart where now you have to pay a monthly fee to get it installed!?!??!

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!

    People pay $1500 for this course, and you guys simply take off the damn Python Cart!!!!!

    I'm sitting here trying to get my freaking Niche Blueprint 2.0 Store to function properly and take credit card payments, and in a last resort want to upload Python Cart (because support doesn't help me), and the damn Python Cart is taken down!!!!

    How am I supposed to keep my store running????

    I don't know why we aren't seeing more complaints on this forum, because I know for damn sure that I am writing here what everyone is thinking!!!!
    Life.....Is Just A Beach!

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    We were promised LIFETIME support for your products!

    Otherwise no one would invest this much money in something!
    Life.....Is Just A Beach!

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    deeeep breaths...maybe try a support ticket before having an aneurysm?

    NB 2.0 is 2.5 years old now...but guess what...we are still here and we will still support it and get you sorted...that's how we roll...but some things have changed a bit.

    Our partner NB, NB 2, and BPBE decided they didn't want to support python cart any longer...we , of course, still do...but that's why the auto downloading doesn't work...bit of a dispute with them.

    BUT..we will still take care of you


    And all will be fine.

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    Hey Steve,
    I'm sorry, but I am having an aneurysm here...

    I tried support for my authorize.net module not functioning on the NB2 store, and after a week of investigating, they told me to upgrade to Python Cart. Luckily, I have Blueprint Project Black (otherwise I would've been totally screwed), so I tried downloading the Python cart to upgrade there, and of course the download link is taken down.

    I hope you can understand my frustration when I saw Dave's cart show up...it was not cool at all!

    I understand that you guys need to get paid for your efforts in keeping these carts updated, but there's got to be a better way to transition or something because I can't take anymore surprises from you guys.

    Support has not yet told me if the bug is fixable....worst yet, I have another niche blueprint store that needs the same bug fixed...or so I think....I dunno...

    I replied to them asking to update me. That's all I can do for now. Thanks anyways!
    Life.....Is Just A Beach!

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    "I hope you can understand my frustration when I saw Dave's cart show up...it was not cool at all!"

    Oh..I TOTALLY understand that...believe me...surprised more people don't express/feel that way...instead most people are bad mouthing us..can't quite figure that all out...but hey...whatever.

    Well...post your support ticket # in here. You have my assurance that we'll figure something out. We're not going to leave you hanging...not even after 2.5 years. We stand by our stuff. Somehow someway we'll get it to do what we need to do.

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    Hey Steve,
    The ticket number is #58647

    Thanks for taking a personal interest in this situation. I really do appreciate that.
    Life.....Is Just A Beach!

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    Hi Steve,
    Just wanted to give you an update. Your support team resolved the issue for me. Now the site looks amazing, and the backend is so functional, it's a completely new store, and is great! I can't thank you enough, you really saved my @ss on this one!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Life.....Is Just A Beach!

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