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    Which is best Pragmites plan

    I know things are changing constantly and we have to update are 'best practices' to get the best results but I'm a little confused; I've been using the Advanced SEO Plan but am looking at the new plans to determine which is the best to use now.

    In this thread
    Steve provides a link to here

    But from the members dashboard inside Pragmites, in the header menu, if you click on 'Packages' or 'Partner Programs' it takes you here

    It would almost seem to be best to start with the Social Formula 3.0 for a month - because you get a Facebook Fanpage, Google + Business Page, and a YouTube Account - then the next month switch over to the Social SEO because you get a variety of links, not just 'social links'.

    Thanks for your comments,

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    The http://www.pragmites.com/social-seo/ is awesome i have had 3 clients on that and i actually stopped using it for 2 of them as it was over kill. great problem to have and i just cut it back to the old premium package for the last 2 months and i keep monitoring it.

    I agree when i start another client or one of my new eformula stores i think its best to go with http://www.pragmites.com/social/ first and then switch it over.

    cheers Toby

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    Erik, what are you looking to do? Link build with variable content in Social Media? I use Elance and train the people via video or Skype on what I need. It works very well. You have to have a bit of patience, but once things are going, it goes well!
    Pragmites was just okay, but in all fairness that was last year. Steve has said they made changes over there, so I may eventually try them once again.
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    Yeah, i have used them last year and wasn't happy at all, as many people here was complaining about not delivering what was paid for, but recently i have red very good comments about their service, so it looks like they are sorted. But still, it looks bit expensive to me anyway.


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