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    Mar 2012

    What do I get with a Link Juice Account?

    I sent a mail to you guys, haven't recd any response yet. Anyhow I had a couple of questions:

    How will you create backlinks, would you need me to create original content? If yes, how many word posts would you accept for your blog network?

    Is $97/month the charge for one domain name?

    To give you a bit of background, I have been diversifying my links, but so far was seeing the best result from BMR. I am still updating my blog regularly, posting guest blogs and all that, but I need a service that will help me push the rank up faster. I have several domain names, my own as well as that of my clients. So, will I have to purchase a separate package for each domain?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Hey Vani..it's closed right now...and it's not expected to open up for some time. You don't need to create any content etc. at all. It's all pretty well explained in the sales video and then the website that lets you manage your account.

    But...as I said...moot point for now. Not available.

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    Just as a general question, How every so often will Link Juice open? 3 times per year? or less. Id like to join but its closed. Ive used your tools for over 3 years. =(

    Hopefully I can get on this soon.

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    Nov 2010
    My understanding is that it was opened a couple of days ago, on the webinar. But I also heard it was only opened as long as the webinar was running, so you need to be quick!


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