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Thread: blog networks

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    blog networks

    Cutts us murdering blog networks...bmr has shut down completely...did the blog blueprint sites get de indexed?

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    several threads about this already...everyone needs to take deep breaths :-)

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    Can you link me? I'm not panicking just curious

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    Aug 2008
    I hope everyone realizes that this has been going on for years. Those who adapt and make changes will survive just like any business IM isn't for hang wringers. No big deal at all!


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    Hey Droberts long time no see...my rankings haven't been effected whatsoever, I've actually improved since this whole shaboozy started. Lucky for me I keep everything really diverse with my links and I just bought a doc share builder prog to diversify it even more.

    Hey Droberts we should do a JV

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    Jan 2010
    Actionjackson, what doc share builder did you get?

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    Doc share robot...not sure if it's any good yet...having trouble with it and I don't have much time to Dick around with it right now...just got it to diversify

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    Apr 2012
    nice post....


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