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Thread: Best Practices

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    Best Practices

    Alright, so I've added my 3 links. I want to ask your thoughts on what we
    can do to maximize the benefits from this.

    1) I have a website that goes 3 levels deep:
    1. www.domain.com
    2. www.domain.com/category
    3. www.domain.com/category/article

    I actually have all 3 links going to level 2 and 3 pages. Does that matter in and of itself?

    2) I also have a list of 12 keywords, like:
    1. word 1
    2. word 2
    3. word 3
    4. word 4
    5. word 5
    6. word 6

    And I'm stacking them, so I may have, "word 1, word 2, word 3" as one link's keyword string,
    and "word 4, word 5, word 6" as the second link's keyword string...etc...

    Is this a wise strategy?

    3) I'm linking to relevant article and category pages, and not the catalog page, or sales pages

    So if I have a product on apples, I've sent my links for an article on apples, that guides the
    reader to the product on it at the end of the text. In other words, I'm not linking directly
    to a sale page.

    is this a smart idea? Or should I just set my links to go directly to keyword-specific sales pages?

    I just want to make sure I get the biggest bank out of this thing. Thanks for any input.

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