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    Sudden MASSIVE jump in rankings (Strange but very welcome)

    One of our ecomm sites just had a MASSIVE jump in rankings across multiple keywords.

    Bit strange as we haven't done anything different to the normal few PR links dripped in, AB submissions (2 month) and a handful of articles out to the directories for a bit of IP diversity.

    So why have we had a total of 9 KW's hit No1 this morning from 8-9 and teens and a couple of very close LSI ones from 20s ?

    I honestly have no idea what happened but the nice thing is we have now had 4 orders off this site today where up to now it would be lucky to do 4 a week.

    Nice to see some positive results !

    Will be even more interesting to see if it sticks or "dances".

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    Ah well, was good while lasted lol.

    Everything is exactly back where it was the day before the jump.

    Really odd one that, but hey ho.

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    It MUST be the blog network issue!!!! AHHHHH!!!! [sarcasm]

    Sorry...I just hate the "sky is falling" days... :-) this is not about your post in anyway..btw...hehe

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    Yeah, those monkeys cost me big time !


    Anyway I'm outa here for now, gotta go replace some links lol

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    It is very likely that you were signed into your Google account when you did the keyword search that showed all of the great #1 rankings. When you are signed in, Google always brings up the sites you visit most in the top spots. If at some point later you signed out of your Google account, it would result in the "drop" in the normal SERP's.

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    Take a look at who you are replying to?

    I smell canned pork products. Alongside your other posts today this smells of linkbuilding!


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