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    How long until the link juice flows..?

    Hi Steve,

    Just a quick one. In your experience how long does it take for the new links (sites) to get crawled and the links begin to count? For example one of my keyword/url combos is set up for 30 PR3's and looking at the dashboard I can see they've all been set up. However, if I run through SEOSPYGlass it only picks up on four of them. Does it take a while (days/weeks/months) for Google to find all these new links to my site?



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    There is absolutely no way to measure or find when Google "picks up" or sees a link. No tool does it accurately...not one.

    So...I NEVER EVER EVER worry about or check ANY single link we ever do...for 2 big reasons

    1. Since there's no tool that can tell me accurately...what do I really know? If the link isn't "there"...is it the tool..or is it reality? Who knows? so...it's useless to even check

    2. Google has become an absolute and complete expert on finding and measuring / counting links...years ago you may have had to worry about them being crawled or indexed or whatever...now...I don't even give it a thought. Google will find them...totally and completely.

    So...I have much more important things to spend my time on...I build links...and know/trust that Google finds them all


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