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    Basic Question About Putting Links On Your Site

    For example with link blueprint, to gain link credits you were suppose to put someone else's link and anchor text on your site. You could have up to 10 links per page and I believe 350 links per site. My question is if your site is about dog training and you put tons of links and anchor texts on your site that have nothing to do with dog training, but is needed so you can get other people to link to your site, how is this work in your favor. Seems to me you just have a ton of random links on your site that have nothing to do with what your site is about.

    Or are you suppose to create like a blog put some content on it and use that as the site you add other people's links to instead of using your money site to the put these links on. It just never made sense to me how it would benefit someone to put a ton of links and anchor texts on your webpage to gain credits that have nothing to do with your site.

    Just trying to get a sense of the rank bank. I love article blueprint and blog blueprint because you don't have to worry about putting other people's links on your site or anything. I lot less confusing. But I want to use Rank Bank so i'm trying to figure this out.


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