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    Authorize.net Module Settings

    Hey does anybody have the authorize.net module pdf for niche blueprint 2.0. I am having some troubleshooting problems and they have taken the pdf down now...

    Basically, it seems like no matter what I do, when the module is set up, customers get the 33 credit card error. It basically says that the credit card needs to be input. I contacted authorize.net and they say that information doesn't even get transmitted and that they have no record of it, so it's a problem on my side.

    Could a hacker have changed around some lines of code so that the module doesn't work anymore? It was working perfectly fine a few weeks ago!
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    Any advice would be grand, this is a critical emergency! I definitely put in the correct api credentials.

    Could it have to do with the cURL path? But I thought you only need to do that if its not compiled? I dunno....
    Life.....Is Just A Beach!


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