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    oh damn well I can see that being the case...

    check out this thread for an update on the aln situation panthary
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    Quote Originally Posted by brink2012 View Post
    panthary I usually agree with you friend but not on this one.

    There are ways to remove this penalty. Building the same type of blog network links over and over is not the key.

    First off remove GA and GWT completely and close the accounts. If you submit a re-consideration request, you've already lost the battle, as you basically admitted to Google you're breaking the TOS. Do not contact Google, do not submit any requests. Ever.

    Improve your social signals with Bookmarks, FB Likes, G+1 etc... Build high quality PR backlinks and juice them,
    distribute content to actual article directories and not just WP blogs.

    After a few days, briefly change your META data, and analyze on page structure to make sure everyone is optimized. Don't over-use exact match internal anchors... Make sure your homepage isn't spam and provides at least some value...

    Few days after that, more bookmarks. Following this process you will eventually remove this penalty and get back to ranking.

    I won't drop the link here, but do a search on BHW and you will find out more information.
    Most of this is excellent advice. Eliminating your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts is foolish, though. Folks that think that will somehow give Google less information about their websites are very naive. Whether or not you have those things installed on your website, is immaterial. Google knows every single backlink coming into your site, regardless. You might as well have a better idea of what they say they see (and they will never report everything they know).

    I would add to it that if you have any sitewide links (i.e. links in blogroll sidebars, links in footers), get rid of them! Definitely go out into your niche and look for non-competing blogs that might be happy to accept a guest article. Write an article that someone would actually like to read and pay no attention at all to your keywords (you are not trying to get the article ranked). Supply a link in your signature at the bottom of the article and be very careful not to EVER have more than 40% of your anchor text links for the same keyword. Mix it up, use your keywords sometimes along with other LSI words, "click here" or simply the site URL.

    Don't bother with article directories anymore. Google devalued ALL of them. Google is looking for links from related to sites. They care far more about relevance now than the anchor text but too many anchor text links with the same keywords will get the automatic Penguin penalty.

    And, I agree ... submitting a reconsideration request will do no good at all. Matt Cutts admitted this. He said the Penguin update was algorithmic and that they will not be making ANY manual adjustments.

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    "Eliminating your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts is foolish, though. Folks that think that will somehow give Google less information about their websites are very naive."

    That's ridiculous...THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT that it gives them LESS information.

    "Google knows every single backlink coming into your site, regardless."

    I agree...but that's not the purpose of getting rid of the Google tools.

    Getting rid of them most certainly DOES stop them from getting some pieces of information about your site..particularly some of the user interaction stats.

    In addition, there is some compelling evidence that simply being a "part" of Google's user group fro these tools makes you a target. Since there is no huge gain in having these tools installed (you can use others' to get the same functionality.)...and there could be some gain in not having them...AND...I'd rather not let Google know anymore than I have to...ALL those reasons is why it's not foolish to eliminate these tools from your site.

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    I was just reading an article by an ex Google employee that stated to not use WMT for your sites as it gives too much information to them about your site. Google is not your friend, they are a business partner "not trustworthy" and not anything else.

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    Exactly Dwayne... I've had 3 "business partners" back stab me over the years, and G is no different.

    Wiping away 3 years of hard work overnight is just like something a shitty business partner would do.

    Luckily I have always come out on top, and will here as well .
    SEO is life


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