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    Where's The Juice?

    I really hate to make my first post a little on the negative side but...the reason I just signed up was so that I might be able to get some help with this...

    I have had an LJ acct for about 3 months now. (400 links)

    I am simply not impressed. Maybe I have my acct setup wrong or something?

    Almost all of my KWs have gone down in ranking?

    I do have links from other sources going to all of these pages as well so I think my link diversity is OK.

    And no, I'm not trying to rank for "weight loss" or "car insurance"!

    Any suggestions?


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    Obviously..it must be link juice's fault then...no other answer is possible! :-)

    There's no mystery here...High PR backlinks help your rankings...full stop.

    Link juice provides high pr backlinks. full stop

    There are MANY MANY other factors and variables that affect your ranking. full stop.

    Link juice can only do the one thing it does...provide high PR backlinks...that we ABSOLUTELY KNOW..helps rankings. It's not a magic bullet to get you to the top of the serps.

    Ever stop to think your rankings could be EVEN worse WITHOUT link juice??? That would be my position. I wouldn't look for any one thing to be the single cause of ranking "loss"...it's a fool's errand...you'll never know or be able to prove/find out.

    What you need to do..is to keep doing those things...that we ABSOLUTELY KNOW helps rankings.

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    Sep 2009
    Newcastle, UK
    Recently a number of the blog networks have had all their links devalued. (not link juice- it is probably too small to get picked up).

    You may have had your rankings fall if you have links from these other networks as they are no longer counting towards your rankings. Although as steve says there is lots of different possible causes.

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    Thanks Andrew...

    I always feel so "out of the loop"!

    Where do you find out about this sort of thing? Is there somewhere that I can go to get more detailed info about this devaluation?

    I do have links from several blog networks. That must be what has happened. Will these networks regain ranking after some time goes by?


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    Feb 2009
    These blog networks had mass deindexation by Google. Authority Link Network lost 5000+ domains just in a couple of weeks. SEOLinkMonster experienced the same. So, as an example, you can imagine if you had 500 links on blogs in that network, then the blogs were deindexed. You would have just lost 500 links. Negative link velocity (you're losing more links than your building) = rankings loss. It's that simple.

    If that is the case and that's what happened to you, that is certainly going to have an effect on your rankings, link juice or not.

    A great place to start is right on the SEO board of this forum. There are A LOT of smart SEO guys hanging around this forum and if you have a question, just ask.

    Of course, nobody can say for sure what Google does. But what you can count on here is that these same SEO guys are testing what works and what doesn't all of the time.

    Hope this helps,
    Nothing to see here. Move along.

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    Thanks Dave...

    I have been using SEO LM as well as a few others.

    Is there any place to find a "list" of blog networks that were effected?

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    Mar 2012
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    I am not currently using LJ yet but at one time I used another link building software (during a trial offer only) and noticed that the number of backlinks i had dropped sharply for a while but then about a month later came back very strong. Google is always "weeding out" sites so your rankings may get better with time and quality BL's.

    We all want instant results for our efforts and I personally tend to over analyze things way too much, but like Steven said, "What you [me included] need to do..is to keep doing those things...that we ABSOLUTELY KNOW helps rankings."

    One of my mentors used to tell me, "you don't have to get it right, just get it going". So I am personally making great efforts to not sweat the details and keep moving forward.

    ~best wishes

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    Wow now BMR has been taken down too!

    What a game changer!

    Curious what others thoughts are about this.



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