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    Domains vs Sub-Domains

    I'm new to IMA (January, 2012) and have completed viewing the videos on MMO, CBE and the "bonus" videos Honey made following the 5-part webinar from last fall.
    I'm just starting to re-view them and begin taking notes before I actually start getting something accomplished. I expect I'll start working while going thru these videos a second time.

    Anyway, to get to the point, I have a couple domains that are almost two years old:

    Is there any advantage/disadvantage to creating sites using sub-domains of these domains for either e-Com or affiliate sites (or both)? I plan on offering some kind of bonus to customers on any sales so the domain names would seem to be great fits for any type of site... just not sure about the sub-domain use as it relates to meeting the age recommendations.

    Thanks for any assistance and direction on this.

    Bill Ellison

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    Hi Bill,

    I am a newbie in this forum as well. But I do know a bit about domains and using subdomains, so here goes...

    A dot com domain is always worth more than a dot info domain. But hypenated domain names are not the preferred way of getting a domain name these days. But that's what you've got anyway.

    My advice? Try setting up a few different subdomains, like 3 or 4 on each domain. Put up some pages of reasonable-quality content and see if you can attract any traffic. You will probably need to add a few backlinks manually to get the ball rolling.

    Do that and see what happens. :-)


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