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    Amazon + Google Trends?

    Hi, I have a project to build some Amazon Niche Sites around a product series. I already was looking for an Exact Macht Domain when I saw on Google-Trends that the company was in decline since 3 years. I went back to Amazon and found some other Bestsellers of the same niche, but unfortunately they had not enough search volume on Google Trends.

    Now I think that for having enough traffic for my site I donīt need to satisfy Google Trends.
    My question is: Is there another way to check whether an Amazon Bestseller wil wither away soon or is on a upward curve?


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    Not really you just need to use your judgement most items will go out of fashion over a few years. If you target the products name then this may be a problem (unless you think you will make enough in the mean time to be worth it).

    However if you target more general words or even brand names etc you can change the product that is displayed on your site in response to the search. For instance for the search term "diet" then you could simply put the latest best seller for diet books up. This way it would not matter as much if a specific product got out dated.

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    Amazon Google Trends

    How to use Google Trends to pick out a niche? Okay how do you do this so called Google Trends to pick out a good niche....can someone explain that process to me? I read it alot on WF but i really dont understand how that works as all I see are peoples names on the list.



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