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    What to do when you're "stuck" in the SERPS?

    Hi Guys,

    My ecom store is at position 4 for it's target keyword, and seems to have been so for ages now.

    When I analyse it against my competitors using tools such as Keyword Blaze, logically it should really be number 1 if not at least 2 or 3. Obviously I know Google isn't a logical beast.

    The only things I can think of that are potentially holding me back are my domain age and number of pages on the site. My domain is about 6 years old whereas my competition range from 9 to 12 years. And my competition generally have more pages as they sell a lot of other products that wouldn't necessarily make sense for me to have in my store. Like is the case with Amazon... they have gazillions of pages but most won't be to do with your niche (I'm not competing against Amazon.)

    So in this case, my question is what can I really do in this situation? Is it just a case of more links?

    I have contacted more suppliers today in order to bulk the site out further.

    At my current position I'm receiving about 10 visits a day with no sales yet, whereas I predict a number 1 position could get my as much as 100 visits a day.

    It's sooooo frustrating. I could really do with this store generating an income.

    In hind sight this is a pretty competitive keyword but when I first researched it about a year ago it was actually considered a gold star by Keyword Blueprint. I've been actively backlinking for about 10 months now.

    As I say, is it just a case of more backlinking?


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    Can you throw a couple of high PR links at it ? PR4 or 5 ?

    That sometimes will help to unstick them.


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    What I do in this situation is ..just..something different. STOP doing what you have been doing...completely...for 2-3 weeks...and do something else. Phill's suggestion is a good one. Stop doing everything else and get a couple PR4, PR5 links ..and that's it..let it sit.

    Or...if you haven't been doing the social thing...do some facebook likes, shares, tweets, +1's etc

    anything at all to mix things up and break through the plateau

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    Thanks guys.

    The site has PLENTY of high PR links from the likes of link juice and other HPBL networks. I have MANY PR4's and 5's. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a few PR6 links so that follows the same thinking Phill suggested of getting just a few extra high PR links... I guess it could take a bit longer to see the effect that those bring.

    To be honest I wasn't surprised at the responses you've both given as I've read similar things on this forum before.

    What's the best way of creating social links? ... I created my own twitter account and linked to my site from that but what's the best way of getting links from multiple accounts?

    Thanks again,


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    You could try Fiverr, there's people on there offering that kind of thing.

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    You can also throw some high pr links at some original articles you have posted elsewhere that link to your site using your keywords and also do some PR links to your inner pages that link back to your homepage using your keywords.

    Maybe you are doing this already too. :-)


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    Do what steve and duane said and add some drip feed links...SENUKEX is perfect for this...run a 15 day campaign, or have someone do it for you.

    for social links check this out ========> twitterbacklinks.com doesn't get much easier than that. : ]

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    In addition to what's already been mentioned, I would add a page of additional quality content to your site. Could be a new blog post, ideas on how to use one of the products that you sell, etc.

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    Thanks again everyone. Some very helpful suggestions.

    I've been looking on Fiverr for services for tweets, facebook likes, shares and what not.

    I've ordered some tweets no problem, but in the case of likes, shares and Google pluses, do they require me to have the buttons on my actual site?

    I see some of my competitors have likes, shares and google pluses showing up in the keyword blaze analysis, yet they don't have the actual buttons on their sites...??



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    Where are you building the links? To the home-page only? Stop doing that, instead, build links to product pages. You want to start targeting really long keywords for each and every product, for example, "Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Model 94285x"

    Usually, the best way to boost the homepage's ranking, is the boost the entire website's ranking for all keywords. Also, you will probably get the odd sale here and there from the product pages.

    I'm not really convinced that social links will give you that much of a boost (at least, not yet).


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