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    Domains on fire feature suggestion

    Love the new domains on fire app. I already purchased 2 domains one of which is already ranking on the 1st page of google for a search term that gets over 40,000 searches a month. One feature that I think would be awesome is if it could tell you when the auction end date is for the go daddy auctions. It's a huge pain to have to go into each one and visit godaddy so see when the auction ends. Is this a feature that could be added?


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    Another feature would to be able to search for a specific URL in the search results for Domains on Fire.. I found a desirable URL that started with W, set it up as "watching" in Godaddy Auctions, then, a couple of days later, wanted to go back and see what the PR for that URl was, after about 30 pages of Z's, I gave up. I went to: http://checkbulkpagerank.com/http://...spagerank.com/ . (Got those URL's from a Forum post by John Kitchens)

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    How about one to determine if the domain PR is faked and eliminate it from the list?

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    The video talked about adding an automated appraisal to DOF. I was just curious if anyone has an idea when this may happen?
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