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01-15-2011, 05:28 PM
Steve, tried to send this in a PM to you, but was blocked, I don't blame you, I'm sure you'd be more busy reading PM then topics if you did not block ppl.

anyhow, here is what I tried to send, copied and pasted just as I tried to send to you.

Steve, just to let you know, I found a mistake on one of the PDFs, I noticed it so thought I'd share it with you...

4p1.pdf ->
"Consider inventorying a small stock of products - In some markets you just plain will
not be able to find a supplier (manufacturer of distributor) that will dropship. If you have
the room and a small amount of investment capital, you can stock product and ship items
out yourself. Often times, this improves the margins and servers as a way to get into a
market that is otherwise impossible to get into. Also, many times we have eventually
convinced a supplier to dropship for us after we have bought is small bulk and shipped
on our own for a while."

I enboldened the word: servers should be serves right?
just thought I'd share it with you. I do all my own proof reading so usually I notice them, but usually only when I am in 'proof reading mode'... not sure if there are more as that is not my intention in reading this manual.

If I do happen to notice any more, I will just simply share them in here, with no long runoffs like this.

Anyhow remember to...
Take it Fun and have it Easy.


01-15-2011, 05:40 PM