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08-13-2010, 07:47 PM
Once again a quality product produced by quality people ;D

They say that timing and being prepared is everything. Well the timing is perfect and I'm kinda prepared.

Six years ago with the birth of our first child I became a 'stay at home' dad and was able to dabble in a few business ventures that kept some money coming in. During that time I came across these two very generous fellows called Steve & Tim. Unfortunately due to obvious constraints I wasn't able to devote my time 100% to all that Steve & Tim had to offer - however, in about 6 months time our second daughter will be off to school and I will have my life back - sort of!

The release of Info Prodigy is ever so timely and I've always wanted an opportunity to give something back to this wonderful community we have here, as the support I have been given has been exceptional to say the least.

I already have an eBook, 'The Truth About Goal Setting' that I have written in a niche that I was involved with prior to my stay at home dad position. Nice 53 page bite-size reading. While I have made a few sales,I have never really had the time to promote it. I have simply used the throwing mud technique and seeing what would stick. Lot's of mud on the floor I must say.

Anyway, I would like to give this eBook away for free to the community here and strongly suggest you read it before embarking on this journey, as there is information in it that will help you Stay on Track and make this journey a successful one.

So if you would like a copy, simply send me an email or PM and I will gladly email you a copy.


Elizabeth Adams
08-13-2010, 08:12 PM
Hi, Damien ...

Thank you for this. I volunteer as father's advocate for a young man 25 years old
who is trying to get his baby boy back from so-called "Child Protective Services."

The trial judge just terminated his parental rights.

That's like being hung by the neck until dead.

His lawyer is appealing, and it's a strong case on appeal, but the father
is at sixes and sevens right now. He had such hopes for getting his
little boy back, and now they're smashed. For the short run, anyway.

So a book on goal setting might be just the ticket right now.

I'll be spending time with him this weekend, so I'll give it to him then,
with your blessing.